Every year we open our doors to some high potential, highly disruptive startups, selected among various ones, giving them the great opportunity to get in touch with other Startups, meet the best Developers and showcase their product to Engineers, local and international ICT companies which attend the Conference.

In the Startup Area you will find companies both Hiring and Showing, come and meet them!

Argo Vision
ARGO Vision is an innovative Italian firm founded in 2016 that excels in visual recognition. Company’s mission is to bring computer vision and machine learning into the real world, designing software for ultra-low power devices. 100% of Software and most of the Hardware are fully proprietary.

Mobile developers agree: SDK integration is the most tedious work process. Enhance reduced the time needed for this from several working days to a couple of minutes. Now integrating all the useful functions into your app or game and having them up-to-date is as simple as selecting a checkbox!

Helperbit is an Italian startup that uses the Blockchain technology, allowing people to donate to charities and trace their donation thanks to the transparency of the economic flows. It even offers an insurance policy for natural disasters that is based on a fast, fair and transparent approach.

Interactive Stuff
They are launching two products in partnership with Intertouch Srl: the “Realook Door” and the “Smart Fitting Room”. The realook door is a transparent and interactive display for fridges. The Smart Fitting Room is an interactive mirror for dressing rooms.

QOOWEAR is the World’s First Thermal Wear With Artificial Intelligence, able to automatically regulate its temperature, keeping you warm in every environment, doing any activity. From skiing in the Alps to trekking in Antartica, QOOWEAR keeps you warm, no sweat.

They are building an open platform (with an SDK for mobile operating systems) for managing keyless accesses along with a compelling and pleasant user experience to easily manage parking bars. They give partners a dashboard and access via API to better integrate data into their systems (CRM)

Codemotion is the natural encounter point for both national and international startups, working rubbing shoulders, a place to meet and pitch, and spread the word about new technology or product proposal.

Codemotion is a great supporter for innovative startups, helping them to deal with companies and developers and to promote theirselves: don’t miss the Startup Area!

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