Simone Piunno at Codemotion Rome

Simone Piunno, CTO of the Italian Government Digital Transformation Team, will deliver a keynote speech at Codemotion Rome on Friday, March 24th at 10:30 am.

The keynote will give us a peek inside the Digital Transformation of the Italian Government (Check the Agenda).

The Digital Transformation Team, led by Diego Piacentini, has the ambitious aim of building the “operating system” of the Country: a series of fundamental blocks upon which services for citizens, the Public Administration, and enterprises are built with modern digital products.

The Team is working on a double path: bringing a pool of selected existing projects to life (i.e. ANPR, SPID, PagoPA, etc.) and innovating with new projects. is a strategic project to collect SDKs, documentation, source code and Playground of all major public technologies.

Later in the afternoon, at 3 pm, Piunno will talk at the CTO Meeting, the first meeting in Italy dedicated to CTOs, CIOs and IT Managers organized by Codemotion with the aim of prompting a moment to share the best practices and challenges related to the Digital Transformation across different realities: companies, startups and institutions.

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