Let’s welcome DEED!

A brand new community for designers and developers is born! Congrats!
Codemotion is eager to welcome the first meetup of DEED, Design <3 Development Meetup Roma! The new community wants to become a bridge between Designers and Developers, a place to seek each other, talk and compare notes to underline the real value of a partnership. Thanks to all the people who worked to make this community a reality! Among other we wish to thank you: Mara Marzocchi and Innocenzo Sansone, Codemotion
Luca Ferretti, Immobiliare.it
Federico Pacilli and Simone Mariano, BaasBox
Carlo Frinolli and Emanuele Macri di Nois3

The agenda of the meetup:

Emanuele Macri: Introduzione a CSS Grid
Luca Ferretti: Partecipanti entusiasti e dove trovarli… ovvero cosa ho imparato facendo guerrilla usability testing in una città dove caffè non è sinonimo di Starbucks

During the meetup it will be announced the dates of the first appointments and a preview of the themes.

Spread the voice and see you at Codemotion!

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