5 keynoters announced at Codemotion Rome 2017!

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Nicole, Russ, Stephanie, Alberto, Carina:
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Codemotion Rome is just 6 weeks away and we are very thrilled to announce our lineup of Keynote speakers!

Nicole Forsgren, from Seattle, WA, is CEO and Chief Scientist at DORA.
She is an IT impacts expert who is best known as the lead investigator on the State of DevOps Reports, and in her talk, The Secrets of High Performance: Science Edition, she will present the key factors that enable not just higher throughput but also higher stability and quality, lower cost. Discover how continuous delivery and lean management practices produce higher IT performance and actually, happier teams.

Russ Olsen, from Washington DC, is Vice President at Cognitect.
Author of Eloquent Ruby and Design Patterns in Ruby, he has worked on everything from 3D design and image processing software to database query engines and workflow systems. In his talk, he will take you back to a humid Sunday afternoon in 1969, that changed his life and might yet change yours. Ready to go To the moon?

Stephanie Rewis, from San Francisco, CA, is Principal Developer at Salesforce.
Stephanie has been a frontend developer, passionate about web standards and accessibility, for over 17 years. Now leads the team responsible for the CSS framework. In her Keynote, Avoiding Checkmate: Strategies for Design Systems, she will focus on how, from naming, and taxonomy, to adoption, versioning, and deprecation, every decision influences the next and unlike chess, with a living Design System, the game never ends.

Alberto Brandolini, from Faenza, is Founder at Avanscoperta.
Alberto, better known as @ZioBrando, is developer, thinker, storyteller, large-scale facilitator, entrepreneur.
Starting from the statement that developers are addicted in making the things works, he will explore the dramatic behavioural consequences following the case in which this doesn’t happen, and developers ask “Why?”.

Carina C. Zona, from San Francisco, CA, is Founder at CallBackWomen.
Carina C. Zona is a developer, advocate, and certified sex educator. She spends a lot of time thinking about the unexpected cultural effects of our decisions as programmers, and in her talk, she delves into specific examples of uncritical programming, and painful results from using insightful data in ways that were benignly intended.

The Codemotion Rome 2017 Agenda is rolling! Check out the program!


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