Job title: IoT & Software Architect

Location: Rome

Seniority: Senior

Requested skills and experience:
• At least 3 years of experience in Java EE development
• Experienced in object oriented design and common design patterns
• Experiences in design and development of web applications with HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, AngularJS2, NodeJS
• Experienced in the development of RESTful API
• Knowledge of software testing methodology
• Knowledge of NoSQL systems (Cassandra, Elasticsearch and MongoDB)
• Knowledge of OSGi framework
• Knowledge of Enterprise Integration Platforms, ESB, BPM, Message Oriented Middleware (i.e. ActiveMQ, RabbitMQ)
• Preferred experience in Internet of Things projects and knowledge of GIS (Geographic Information System)

What we offer:
• Analysis, design and development of complex application in IoT and Bid Data area
• Forecast of costs and effort to develop new solutions
• Support in design and choice of technological solutions
• Interacting with different stakeholders of the IoT solutions

RAL range: 25.000€ – 35.000€

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