Do you have the hacker factor?

Find it out and win an hacker t-shirt!

Are you interested in cybersecurity and hacking?
Do you think to have the right mindset, the ability and an innate attitude towards ethical hacking?
In a word, do you have the hacker factor?
If the answer to these questions is YES, then come to the CY4GATE contest and let’s find out!

So… are you ready to test yourself with a code breaking challenge? You could win the most-wanted hacker t-shirt!

CY4GATE was created by combining resources, competences and expertise to realize a 360° Project in the 5th Domain.

The mission is to provide Governments and Companies with software and hardware solutions to support the full intelligence cycle and to succeed in Cyber operations through the use of the electromagnetic spectrum, communications, operating systems and wired networks.


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