Xamarin: Shared Library and Portable Class Library


A key component of the creation of cross-platform applications to be able to share code among several specific projects and platform dependent. Each different platform can only use the class libraries that have been developed for that specific platform. In Xamarin there are two main approaches to the sharing code: Using Shared Asset Projects (Shared Library) and the Portable Class Library (PCL) Projects. In this session we will see how and when to use the shared library, or the PCL library and we will try to answer the question: Shared or PCL?

Language: Italian

Level: Intermediate

Aristide Di Francesco

Developer -- INDRA

I am qualified in Electrotechnical, but my passion has always been IT and all that comes with it. Programming expert in .Net, Java, C / C ++ and other more or less known languages. I am also passionate about microcontrollers and IoT in general. I'm a senior developer with strong knowledge in mobile, as Android, Windows Phone and iOS. My App on Google Play have over 100k download. I am interested in all that is technology, science and astronomy in addition at the vast world of IT.

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