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The Digital Transformation Team, led by Diego Piacentini, has the ambitious aim of building the "operating system" of the Country: a series of fundamental blocks upon which services for citizens, the Public Administration, and enterprises are built with modern digital products. The Team is working on a double path: bringing a pool of selected existing projects to life (i.e. ANPR, SPID, PagoPA, etc.) and innovating with new projects. is an strategic project to collect SDKs, documentation, source code and Playgorund of all major public technologies.

Language: English

Level: Beginner

Giovanni Bajo

Developer Relations -- Digital Transformation Team

Passionate programmer and software architect. I'm in deep love with good, non over-engineered, simple software design, and with elegant code. I started programming as a child, on a trusty Commodore 64 that Dad bought me when I was young. After a brief start in the videogame industry, I met Linux and the free software world, and I decided to dedicate myself to it, completely and passionately, building my career first as a consultant and then as an entrepreneur. I’m among the pioneers of Python in Italy.

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Simone Piunno

Technology Director -- Digital Transformation Team

15+ years developing innovative digital services in the mobile and web ecosystem. Early adopter of many technologies started with coding in the 80s, created Linux and Internet communities in the 90s, pioneered mobile apps, online payments and digital advertising in the 00s. His current passions are big data and machine learning.

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