How to embed Video Calls and Messaging in your applications without being a Media, WebRTC, XMPP or SIP expert  


If Messaging and Video communications are now in our habits (whether WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Cisco Spark…), it is still pretty complicated to integrate these capabilities in our Mobile and Web applications.   Announced at both Apple and Cisco WW conferences in July 2016 (, Cisco is working on a SDK that allows developers to add video capabilities to any apps with just a few lines of code.   Join this session to get latest information about these SDKs and the underlying Tropo and Spark architectures.

Language: English

Level: Intermediate

Josh Reola

Business Development Manager -- Cisco

Josh Reola is a Cisco Spark and Tropo API evangelist based in Austin, Texas. He started in the telecommunications field working on R&D projects at Texas A&M University and Internet2 while having the opportunity to do research work with one of the founders of SIP, Henning Schulzrinne. He was also the technical editor for the CCIE Version 3.0 Quick Reference Guide written by Mark Lewis. When not reading SRND’s, Joshua enjoys traveling, salsa-merengue, two-stepping, volunteering and football.

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