From bots to machine learning: How the 4th Industrial Revolution will forever change how we live, work, play and learn.


Jose has dedicated the past 10 years to creating platforms and Internet standards that aim to democratize voice, video and text communications. He believes that developers, not governments, are the key to harnessing these profound shifts in technology for the good of society. In this talk, Jose shares his thoughts on the future of collaboration and how, if applied correctly, the Fourth Industrial Revolution will be a unifying force that transcends borders and propels everyone forward.

Language: English

Level: Beginner

Jose de Castro

CTO, APIs and Integrations -- Cisco

Jose de Castro is the CTO for APIs and Integrations within Cisco’s Collaboration Technology Group, leading the effort to open Cisco's Spark Collaboration Platform to any developer seeking to embed voice, video and text-based collaboration into their applications. He set the technical and strategic product direction, leading Tropo to a successful exit in 2015. A serial entrepreneur, Jose co-founded Tropo in 2009, a leading communications-as-a-service provider. With a passion for education and healthcare, he hopes to drive real change in both industries.

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