An introduction to Realistic Ocean Rendering through FFT


A widely used approach to display realistic FFT (Fast Fourier Transform) ocean water on todays games is presented. A similar approach has been employed in movies like Titanic and Waterworld and in games like Assassin's Creed 3 and Crysis just to name a few. In this presentation we will talk about the matematical aspects that are at the heart of this technique up to the shading aspects that will represent the visual appearance of water and also how the LOD of the water mesh is managed. A demo implemented under Unreal Engine 4 or videos will be presented to better explain such a complex topic.

Language: English

Level: Advanced

Fabio Suriano

Senior Graphics/Engine Programmer -- Storm in a teacup

Fabio is mainly involved in the development of Graphics/Engine programming techniques and solutions for games on PS4/XOne/PC. He’s also responsible for profile and tests the performance of a game through code profiling and optimisation. He provides solutions for the art team through development of well specific tools that will help the technical art team to express their full potential. He has worked on many AAA titles using proprietary 3D Engines and also on licensed Engines like Unreal Engine 4.

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