Microservices and the Inverse Conway Manoeuvre


Go faster than your competitors. That’s the promise of microservices – deploy faster, scale faster, be more robust. It’s all about outcomes and the way your organisation is structured has a tremendous impact on those outcomes. it’s easy to say “Conway’s Law” and then move swiftly on. “But but but, but how?” In this talk James explores what we mean by business capabilities and how architecture and organisational design interact. He may even mention Isomorphism.

Language: English

Level: Intermediate

James Lewis

Principal Consultant -- ThoughtWorks

James works for ThoughtWorks where he spends his time as a coding architect. He rather likes the fact that he got to describe his take on things jointly with Martin Fowler in an article that is influencing how people see the future of software architecture. In short, he’s a bit of a loudmouth on architecture, programming, organisational design, lean product development and basically anything else that’ll improve the way he, and others, work. He also quite likes Lego, Warhammer 40K and working for ThoughtWorks.

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