Avoiding Checkmate: Strategies for Design Systems


It sounded so simple. Architect and build a modern CSS framework for a "Living Design System" — at enterprise scale. What could go wrong? Before the game begins, strategy seems so simple. But after the first move, it quickly becomes a game of chess. From naming, and taxonomy, to adoption, versioning, and deprecation, every move influences the next. Because unlike chess, with a living Design System, the game never ends.

Language: English

Level: Intermediate

Stephanie Rewis

Principal Developer -- Salesforce

Stephanie is the principal developer, design systems at Salesforce, where she leads the team responsible for the CSS framework. Stephanie has been a frontend developer, passionate about web standards and accessibility, for over 17 years. She's worked with a wide spectrum of clients including Under Armour, Newsweek, MLB, NY Magazine, Adobe, Quiznos, Disney’s “TRON”, and a lively bunch of startups. She’s spoken at conferences including HOW Design Conference, UI16, An Event Apart, SxSW and Adobe MAX, among others. She’s also a published author and has written for numerous publications.

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