The Secret Recipe for Automating Android Malware Analysis


Rapid advent of Android platforms has dawned an era of sophisticated malware that attacks these systems. To better understand this slew of threats, in this talk, I will first introduce CopperDroid, an automatic VMI-based dynamic analysis system to reconstruct the behaviors of Android malware. I will then discuss the efficacy of such behavioral profiles to differentiate between families of malware. Finally, in a departure from traditional classification techniques, I further show how a statistical machine learning evaluation facilitates near-perfect accuracy by considering prediction sets

Language: English

Level: Advanced

Lorenzo Cavallaro

Associate Professor -- Royal Holloway, University of London

Lorenzo "Gigi Sullivan" Cavallaro was raised in a fantastic epoch where knowledge was just for those curious enough. He grew up on pizza, Phrack, and W. Richard Stevens' masterpieces. He is now an Associate Professor in the Information Security Group at Royal Holloway, University of London, focusing on systems security research. PI in a number of projects, he sits in TPC of and has published in well-established information security venues. Lorenzo's Coursera MOOC counts 100,000+ students since 2013, which makes him shamelessly bragging on his pizza and Phrack heritage furthermore.

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