To The Moon


We all have moments that change the way we think, the way we look at the world, the things we want to do with our lives. On July 20, 1969 millions of people had one of those transforming experiences: Two men landed on the Moon and nothing was ever the same again. Why did we go to the Moon? How did we get there? What was it like to witness it all? And what does any of this have to do with writing software 40 years later? In this talk, Russ Olsen will take you back to a humid Sunday afternoon that changed his life. It might yet change yours.

Language: English

Level: Beginner

Russ Olsen

Vice President -- Cognitect

Russ started his career doing that other kind of engineering, the sort that involves motors, gears and getting dirty. Pretty rapidly the wonder of computer programming lured him away, which probably explains why most of his fingers are still intact. Since turning to coding, Russ has worked on everything from 3D design and image processing software to database query engines and workflow systems. Russ is the author of two programming books and a frequent conference speaker.

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