Reactive MVP


The model view presenter ( MVP ) is a robust architecture that allows us to break our application into smaller, modular, testable and composable component. But, it does not solve how to manage concurrent or async events in such a way that your app will still work smoothly and your code stay readable. To address the concurrency problem, one possible solution is to use RxJava. In this talk, we will explore how you can compose RxJava with MVP to create both a robust architecture and logical concurrency flow.

Language: English

Level: Intermediate

Giorgio Natili

Engineering Lead -- Akamai Technologies

On paper, Giorgio Natili is an engineering lead at Akamai Technologies where he spearheads the implementation of the new web apps for the security products line of Akamai and leads the development of a mobile SDK. On the job, Giorgio is a strong proponent of agile development practices whose passion for usable, maintainable and testable code is only surpassed by his determination to make things work. His previous speaking engagements include Adobe Max, 360|Flex, FITC, Mobile Web Dev Conference, Mobile Tea, etc.

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