Unethical JavaScript


As Douglas Crockford said, JavaScript is one of the most misunderstood languages. Also if the new standardizations brought to a more cohesive lingo, there are still development habits that create unpredictable effects and unreadable code. During this session, we'll dive in those habits discussing how the most recent versions of ECMA script help to write a cleaner and more sustainable JavaScript.

Language: English

Level: Intermediate

Giorgio Natili

Engineering Lead -- Akamai Technologies

On paper, Giorgio Natili is an engineering lead at Akamai Technologies where he spearheads the implementation of the new web apps for the security products line of Akamai and leads the development of a mobile SDK. On the job, Giorgio is a strong proponent of agile development practices whose passion for usable, maintainable and testable code is only surpassed by his determination to make things work. His previous speaking engagements include Adobe Max, 360|Flex, FITC, Mobile Web Dev Conference, Mobile Tea, etc.

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