Building a theming system with React


In my career I've created several component libraries, and always found it challenging and rewarding at the same time. The engine we developed at WorkWave is the result of such attempts: it offers a great tradeoff between flexibility and ease of use. Styling with inline styles greatly simplifies the developer's work while the use of Aphrodite to output real classes enables the full spectrum of css features. I'll show you the choices we made, what problems have arisen while developing the components and how we solved them, hopefully helping you make better choices for your own libraries.

Language: English

Level: Intermediate

Matteo Ronchi

Senior Software Engineer -- Workwave

Matteo is passionate to all about web technologies. Developing interactive user interfaces for web and desktop since 2001 before using the Flash Platform and then using Javascript. Matteo loves the whole Javascript ecosystem and is involved in several projects both open source and not, he has mainly worked on Enterprise level projects as developer and software architect and last years has committed itself to teaching web technologies and to help the Italian front-end community to grow. Recently joined Workwave as senior engineer and team leader to work on the development of new products.

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