My 10 favorite Haxe language features


The Haxe Programming Language was designed to be simple and powerful. Its toolkit provides an incredibly fast cross-compiler (JS, PHP, C++, Java, C#, Python…). In this lightning talk, Francis will introduce the grammar, and will list the features that he likes the most. As you can imagine, the goal of this presentation is not to showcase a non-exhaustive list of features.This will be more a quick and deep introduction about this open-source platform, to share with everyone love and power, and maybe, who knows. This will make you want to get started.

Language: English

Level: Beginner

Francis Bourre

Software Architect -- Docler Holding

Bourre is software architect at Docler holding. He was CTO at whose clients include Ubisoft, EA Games, Michelin, Sony, Nintendo, Apple. He worked as senior developer for Candy Crush licence at, made research and development for building persistent world platform at, and contributed to many projects as a freelancer for big names industry. In parallel, he speaked to many conferences , worked on various projects such as game engines and open-source frameworks for application development. He's also known for his eclectism and his esthetic code approach.

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