I have a stream - Insights in Reactive Programming


Reactive Programming is described as the next big thing of a programming paradigm. When you take a look around in social networks like Twitter or discussion platforms like Stackoverflow you will find lots of people talking about it. They even ask the question what Reactive Programming is all about. Yet people still get confused by the question what Reactive Programming or even Functional Reactive Programming is. Starting off at this point of confusion we want to take a closer look at Reactive Programming and the concepts behind this paradigm.

Language: English

Level: Intermediate

Jan Carsten Lohmuller

Software Developer -- Workplace Solutions GmbH

Jan Carsten is a software developer, coffee enthusiast and bearded man. Since doing his studies at university of Bonn and university of Hamburg he has been actively working in the software industry, utilizing various technologies. He has been involved in both start-ups as well as established global organizations and research. Jan is currently working in the software consultancy business with emphasis on C#, Java, architecture and security, functional programming and software craftsmanship.

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