The building blocks of the next web, from Customer Journey to UI Components.


Designing for the web changed from an artisan template design to a more modern LEGO builder approach. Creating a personalized library of UI&UX bricks with intelligent behaviors helps an organization to build a real product. Reusable components can be combined in more complex structures, widgets and templates thus providing higher fidelity to design and decreasing the time to market. Through real project examples, this talk will introduce the design methodology and process to translate a UX model into a set of components, and the recommended development practices to implement.

Language: Italian

Level: Intermediate

Antonio De Pasquale

Senior Interaction Designer -- Frog Design

Antonio De Pasquale is a Senior Interaction Designer and information architect in Frog specializing in digital user experience. He believes that designing the interaction is the most important part in communication and is fascinated by how you can communicate through movement and gestures. He has worked on numerous digital projects ranging from the field of web-tv, e-commerce, healthcare, online newspapers, corporate website to mobile and tablet applications and he participated in teaching activities at SUPSI, IED and Politecnico di Milano.

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Pier Paolo Orioli

Senior Design Technologist -- frog

Working on the web since 2001, spent 10 years as a full stack web consultant spanning from network design to application development, currently I'm a Senior Design Technologist at frog specialised in web projects, form the architecture to the implementation.

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