Learn how to embrace conflict - conflict resolution in daily work life


Conflicts are destructive. They destroy relationships & teams. They are the cause of up to 20% of every companies spendings and result in lost jobs, lost reputations and lost credibility. Everyone most likely has a negative image of being in a conflict. The seemingly easiest way out is to avoid conflict - and end up in a lose-lose situation. In this talk we will look at conflict's triggers and mechanisms to understand how they emerge and how they are resolved. We change perspectives to take a closer look at the positive aspects of conflicts and how to use them to make them work for us.

Language: English

Level: Beginner

Lea Böhm

CEO -- AllesRoger UG (haftungsbeschränkt)

Lea has studied economics, politics and sociology and has worked several years in finance and operations until she realized that people are much more interesting than numbers. Consequently she switched to people management in 2012 and became an expert for topics such as leadership, internal communication, motivation, team building and development. She holds a degree in coaching and mediation, and is the CEO & founder of AllesRoger - the new work agency for leadership.

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