• Codemotion Rome and Amsterdam 2017

Every year Codemotion opens its doors to high potential, highly disruptive startups, giving them an opportunity to get in touch with other startups, meet the best developers and showcase their product to engineers, local and international ICT companies attending the Conference.

Thanks to the success of the previous editions, Codemotion Startups Area doubles!
Codemotion Rome and Amsterdam will host:

  • Top Tech Startups to show up their products or technologies in advanced stage of development in the SHOWING AREA.
  • HIRING STARTUPS looking for top notch developers.

Are you a tech startup? Are you hiring and/or would you like to show your product to developers and companies in Rome and/or Amsterdam?

The Call 4 startup for Codemotion Rome is close now, but you can still apply to be hosted for free in Codemotion Amsterdam until February 28th 2017!

Selected startups for Codemotion Rome and/or Amsterdam will get:

  • a free desk for both days of conference (Codemotion Rome: March 24th-25th – Codemotion Amsterdam: May 16th-17th). It is mandatory to be present at the desk both days of conference
  • 3 free entrance for each selected startup
  • logo on the Codemotion website
    Codemotion Exibitors App use, to collect info about people you meet at your desk (it will facilitate recruitment and contact exchanging process)

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